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Nerium reviews from happy Nerium users! Watch this first video from the beautiful Rebecca. She starts out not so sure, but wait until you see her reaction after just 5 days!

Watch Rebecca Reviews‘ unbiased 5 day review of the Nerium AD Combo Pack.




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Nerium Night Cream Reviews


“I have been using the Nerium for 2 months now, and I know others who do use it. I find the reviews interesting because people are either loving it or absolutely, passionately hating it. There is no in between.

This product is supposed to work on wrinkles, pigmentation, and sun damage. I am giving the product 5 stars because it is working on some of those issues, and some that are not even listed.

With regard to deeper wrinkles, (I am 43 and I have been a sun lover at California beaches all of my life) it has not made them disappear, which I believe people want to see. They are not as deep, however, as they were, and I am hoping with continued use, I will continue to see more improvement.

What I have experienced is the improvement in texture and where I used to break out monthly (ahem), that has not happened the past 2 months. My dermatologist said my skin has a definite improvement in texture, as well. This was noticeable after 3 weeks…that is about how long it takes to kick in.

I have white hyperpigmentation and I do not see a difference in that, however, my skin has a noticeable evenness to it that I have never experienced with any other product, and I have bought them all! From inexpensive brands at Target to lines such as TNS, where the serum is $250 at the dermatologist ($150 or so on Amazon).

I have tried La Mer, La Prairie, and many others that claim they minimize pore size and wrinkles. I have had to buy it to see no results, where I did try this product for FREE before deciding to buy it. It is necessary to take a before picture to see the results because you are not necessarily going to see them on the mirror. It is like seeing your children every day, and you don’t notice their growth, but seeing them in pictures, you do notice their growth. It is the same with this, and any other product.

As for the smell, it will affect people differently just as the product affects people differently. I smell plant, it is not offensive, and wears off after 20 minutes or so. Some people I know have commented on it, but they do get over it.

Try the TNS…it smells like stinky feet- and that is a quote from my dermatologist. That is offensive.

About the oleander and all of that, I was weary, as I own horses, and if they even get just the smallest taste, less than one leaf, it is over for them…dead horse in the morning. I get that, but in my research, it is a molecule in the oleander that is extracted, not the poisonous part.

See here for info, which, by the way, does state that Nerium is associated with M.D. Anderson. You are going to have to Google Nerium biotech. Also, in testing for this product, extensive blood tests were done to make absolutely sure that no oleander was found in the bloodstream of people using this product.

The bottom line is that the product does work to different degrees because everyone is different. Is it a miracle? Some may say yes, some may say it does not work at all. To those naysayers, I say that it is working, but not fast enough for you, and you really do not know if it is working underneath the initial layer of your skin.

It all takes time, and at less than $100/month, it is competetive with the more high quality products out there. Murad, DDF, I have tried them all with NO improvement in anything! No, I do not see a miracle, but I do notice a difference, my husband and my friends notice a difference, my dermatologist sees an improvement in my skin, and that makes it worth it for me.


Glad I tried this product
By Avidreader on October 29, 2012

“I almost didn’t try this product after reading the reviews posted here but I am very glad that I did. I am 65 and really did not expect a dramatic effect but finally decided any improvement would be fine. I was very surprised to see a difference almost immediately. I had a few red splotches that are gone.

I had 2 dry patches beneath the corners of my mouth – gone.

Most surprising was the improvement in the large pores on my nose. The appearance of fine lines has diminished. I will definitely continue to use this product.

I would say that of all the skin improvement products I’ve purchased ( and thats a lot), this is the one that has delivered. Don’t know why so many people did not have good results. Same reason I guess that meds, beauty products, etc. all affect people differently. The only negative is the smell.”

Best results I have EVER seen
By jndimaria on June 20, 2012

“I suffered from adult acne which left a lot of scarring that I was very self conscious about. I tried peels and retinol, glycolic acid to no avail. I used the product for 4 days and immediately saw one of the craters near my eyebrow dissipate. After 30 days my cheeks look almost clear. I can’t believe it! Even my grandmother who is an aesthetician is amazed.”


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Nerium Night Cream Reviews

“I LOVE this cream! What amazing results i have gotten with it already!”

By harley on February 15, 2014

“I LOVE this cream! What amazing results i have gotten with it already! I would totally recommend Nerium Day cream to others!”

Five STARS!!!
By Kim Oldfield on June 26, 2014

“I totally LOVE this stuff, amazing & works!!!”


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