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It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it, when a company becomes successful there are those who would attack that success and that product or service.  Nerium is in that boat along with other well-known and successful companies.  There are blogs out there where people are expressing a lot of negative things.  In fact, some are so unpleasantly negative in a personal way as opposed to presenting unbiased reviews.

An unbiased review will address both the negative and positive sides of a product in a dispassionate way as opposed to an angry or aggressive way. If someone professional and unbiased has an allergy, they’ll address that rather than attacking the product.  After all, any one of us could have some kind of reaction to any number of products.  Does that mean those products are vile and the rest of the world should throw them out, too, because we are allergic to them?  In other words, along with other helpful information, a fair review will address the fact that this is a personal allergy and others may not have the same reaction when using the product.  After reading some of the comments out on the web, one has to wonder if sour grapes are part of the equation or ask what their agenda is rather than taking everything that is written at face value.

There are a lot of positive things expressed about Nerium on the web and in the news, as well.  Personally, I love the product because it actually works for me!

However, keep in mind that a wise person will do due diligence when starting a business and when purchasing a product.  (And once they’ve done their due diligence, they know the truth and won’t be swayed by the winds… and opinions… that blow back and forth.)  Read what is out there.  But, make sure that while you do that, you go beyond “hear say” and “gossip” to read the independent scientific studies that show the real results of NeriumAD.  Check out the real testimonies of people who are using the product.  Listen to the respected doctors who have something to say about the safety and effectiveness of the product.

Best of all, you have the opportunity to try before you buy.  That is the best research of all.  A simple 5 day trial of NeriumAD, taking a picture before you start and a picture after 5 days, will let you know whether it really works for you or not.   So, do your due diligence and your own personal research.

Have a blessed day.

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I invite you to become one of my customers or join my team as a Brand Partner! Contact me!

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