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Day and Night productHere’s some exciting news, Everyone!!!

Now you can use NeriumAD 24/7.   What does that mean?   The first fantastic product we had was the Night Age Defying Treatment.  So, we all used NeriumAD at night time only.  After much scientific research and product development to make sure they bring out the best results, Nerium has introduced a daytime age defying treatment so you can get double the impact.

This is all you need…  two bottles filled with product backed by real science, real testing and real results.

But better yet, what this product does for your skin is amazing.

My own personal experience with NeriumAD is wonderful.  Once rough and dry, my skin is now smooth and soft since using NeriumAD.  Strong lines on my face have been softened.  I was having really painful breakouts.  Most skin care products just made my face worse and it never seemed to heal.  Heaven help that I actually wore makeup to cover up the breakouts because they’d get worse with that, too.  So, I’ve had to walk around with red patches all over my face from the breakouts that I couldn’t cover up.  This was going on for the longest time and nothing helped.  I discovered that NeriumAD soothed the breakouts, and they started to finally heal.  My face and especially my neck were patchy from sun damage.  NeriumAD has been evening that discoloration out over time.  I love the product and that’s why I promote it.

So, how do you try it for yourself?

Get Nerium here!

I recommend auto-delivery because you get a major discount on the product.  Better yet, if you refer three people who also purchase, you get your product free the following month as long as all four of you are on autoship.  Imagine getting incredible skincare products for free!  Now, what other company does that!!??

But, be sure to take a picture before you start using the product (see pictures on this website), a picture at 5 days, and a picture at 90 days so that you can see the difference that Nerium actually makes for you.  You’ll be amazed.

New products that will be coming out with this same technology are NeriumAD Eye Cream, NeriumAD Brightening Cream, and NeriumDerm Contouring Lotion.  I can’t wait!!  Watch out for new announcements.

Be sure to contact me if you have any questions or comments.



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I invite you to become one of my customers or join my team as a Brand Partner! Contact me!

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