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What Are Brand Partners?

A Nerium Brand Partner Does Two Simple Things:

  1. Build a customer base and earn 10%–25% commissions.
  2. Build a team of Brand Partners and earn commissions and bonuses.


How to Share Nerium with Local Friends

In short, when you become a Nerium Brand Partner, we recommend you simply “lend” a few of the Nerium Products you received with your sign up order with a few local friends that might want to try the Nerium 6 day challenge.

After trying the Nerium Night Cream, the Nerium Day Cream, the Nerium Combo pack or the Nerium Firm, follow up with them and ask how they liked it and let them know you need your product back.

At this point, what often happens is they’ll want to keep the Nerium product they just tried because they love it so much. We tell them if they sign up they can keep the bottle until their discounted autoship order arrives, but you can also ask for it back and let them go for a few days without it…. then they will be hooked!

How to Share Nerium with Friends Far From You

Nerium Brand Partner 30 Day GuaranteeIf your friend lives far away, instead of mailing them product yourself, have them take advantage of Nerium’s 30-day guarantee by simply becoming a preferred customer.

Have place their discounted order online through your Nerium replicated website, and they can try Nerium for 30 days with no risk!

If they aren’t happy with their product, they can return their product to Nerium for a full refund.

Free Nerium for Each New Preferred Customer

When you refer someone who becomes a preferred customer, they get their Nerium product every month auto delivered to their door and you receive a free bottle of Nerium Night Cream on their second auto delivery order.

Nerium Brand Partner 3UR Free Program


Once your friend refers just 3 people to become a preferred customer through their link (which you show them how to find) they can enjoy their Nerium every month for FREE! They just pay the $9.99 shipping!

And for each new preferred customer that they refer you receive a free bottle of Nerium Night Cream on that new customer’s second auto delivery order! How cool is that!?!

As a Nerium Brand Partner, if you sign up a preferred customer who refers 3 preferred customers themselves, you’ll receive 4 free bottles of Nerium Night Cream and they’ll get their Nerium for Free each month with the 3URFREE program ($9.95 shipping only).

Nerium Brand Partners are a family of people who believe in smart business, recognize their destiny is in their own control, and are ultimately inspired by helping others.

With real science behind us, Nerium Brand Partners have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make a difference in their own financial future and personal lives, as well as in the lives of others.  Take a moment to watch this video.

Nerium Brand Partners have a powerful opportunity to own their own business with:

Exclusive Products
Proven Marketing System
Lucrative Compensation
Proven Leadership and Management
Personal and Professional Development
Top-Quality Tools and Training
Flexible Schedule and Workplace
A Strong Social Community
Recognition and Rewards

Nerium International was recently recognized for the third year in a row in Direct Selling News Top 100 list, ranking in the No. 40 Spot and Top 5 “Greatest Percentage Growth” on List of Top 100 Direct Sales Companies in the World and the No. 21 Spot on the North American Top 50 List. 

In short, Nerium is growing FAST!

Nerium International:  Real Ingredients for Success


Nerium Compensation Plan

The Nerium compensation plan is one of the most rewarding compensation plans in the industry and like most MLM compensation plans, there are so many ways that Nerium compensates you for your efforts, it can be hard to understand, and many people get stuck thinking they need to understand it all before they start.

This is a huge mistake because it’s so easy to share these amazing products! If you are reading this, then you’ve likely tried it yourself and love it so much that you’re wondering how you might make money with Nerium.

If you haven’t tried Nerium yet, order your Nerium products now and see what Nerium can do for your skin!

At, we simply recommend that people focus on earning their Lexus car bonus!

Just share the Nerium products with 3 people, and focus first on finding 3 preferred customers so they can get their own product for free each month. Repeat.

If you find that someone is interested in not only receiving free product each month for referring friends, then show them the detailed Nerium Compensation Plan PDF and show them how simple this business can be. Repeat.

You’ll quickly see how simple it is to earn the Lexus car bonus!

Again, just stick to the basics and you’ll will start being compensated beyond your wildest dreams!

Nerium Brand Partners Do Two Simple Things:

  1. Build a customer base and earn 10%–25% commissions.
  2. Build a team of Brand Partners and earn commissions and bonuses.

Whether you want to replace a part-time income or dream of retiring in the near future. Nerium can get you there.


Learn how you can earn money with this Nerium Compensation Plan Video:

Build a Customer Base and earn:

  • $16 – $60 Customer Acquisition Bonuses – get paid weekly bonuses when you enroll new Preferred Customers
  • 10% – 25% Commissions on Personal Customers reorders
  • Free Personal product – Enroll 3 Preferred Customers and receive your product for free!
  • Free Inventory with our Nerium Gives Back inventory replenishment program
  • Immediate Retail Profits by selling our real results products from your personal inventory and your team sell new Starter & Upgrade Packs

Live life on your own terms | Enjoy financial freedom | Have fun and help others to have fun Become a Nerium International Brand Partner!

Build a team of Brand Partners and earn:

  • Initial Order Bonuses –get paid weekly when you and your team sell new Starter and Upgrade Packs
  • 100% Coaching Commissions-earn up to 10% ongoing commissions on your top Brand Partners monthly earnings!
  • Team Commissions-earn lucrative overrides on global team sales
  • Live Better Bonus-earn $50,000-$1.500,000 Lifestyle Bonuses
  • Lexus Car Bonuses-earn up to $1000 monthly luxury car bonus
  • Incentive Trips-earn all expense paid trips

Why You Should Join Nerium with

We are professional online marketers. We gets thousands of visitors each month to our site and people are joining our team like crazy!

By joining our team, if you simply stick to the basics and share the Nerium products, we’ll help you by placing new Nerium Brand Partners that sign up through our website beneath you as they become available and you can enjoy commissions from people you’ve never met!


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30-day Money Back Guarantee

Nerium 30 Day GuaranteeIf you're not completely satisfied with your Nerium purchases, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to all our customers.


As a Preferred Customer, simply refer three people to our Auto-Delivery Option and receive your Nerium products for free! Learn More about the 3URFREE Program